East Coast Fall Mullet Run

The fall mullet run along Florida’s east coast is in full effect. The anticipation of this annual migration has been fulfilled, with anglers in multiple fisheries rejoicing, particularly for surf fishing anglers with shoreline access to world class sport fishing. Beach fishing for tarpon, snook, redfish and sharks will reward those willing to invest the time. Surf fishing Port Canaveral to Sebastian Inlet at any beach access with diving birds and exploding mullet will result in your best luck.

surf fishing for tarpon east coast fall mullet run

Surf Fishing for Tarpon

Surf fishing reports in the southern region covering Indialantic to Sebastian Inlet have seen multiple species being caught in a day. Spanish mackerel, pompano, ladyfish and whiting catches have been phenomenal when the water clarity provides green and blue waters. Casting in the first or second trough along with the outer bar with Fishbites and sand fleas continue to see success. On certain days, I recommend having fresh dead shrimp as well as clams to diversify the scent combinations. Sheepshead, drum and croakers will be commonly caught near beaches with structure and water flow.

Utilizing the use of the dead stick rods rigged for smaller table fare will be a valuable tactic for current water conditions this week. With that being said, the name of the game these next couple weeks is the mullet run. Unlike any other period of the year, it’s absolutely electric where the vibrant waters meet our shoreline where you’ll commonly see snook, jack crevalle, sharks and tarpon crashing schools of bait at the edge of your feet. Fishing around a fuller tide will bring these species right along the beach within the casting range of any particular setup. From 7-foot rods rigged with a 2000-4000 series reel up to your 6000-8000 series reels on 8- to 12-foot rods. Depending on the target species, come prepared with enough breaking strength on your surf fishing equipment or be prepared to be spooled by a big shark or tarpon.

east coast fall mullet run pompano

Cocoa Beach Surf Fishing

Surf Fishing Tips

Predatory species abound makes it an all-exciting moment to stalk the surf. Multiple gamefish including the prized snook and tarpon can be caught consistently with a free-lined mullet or croaker. Hook sizes and styles vary situationally, relying on a 4/0-6/0 circle hook will have you prepared for any sports fish besides a big shark. Work the inside deep water troughs before and after a high tide for optimal range with the surf fishing rigs mentioned. Casting swim baits, diving plugs or jigs will also be very successful during this bait run.

The last week has been red hot with near term conditions looking prime as well. The next couple weeks should be seized upon for any surf fishing anglers interested in big bites and big fish. Find the bait and you’ll find the fish! Get out there and good luck.

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