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September 2021

Cocoa Beach to Vero Beach Surf Fishing Report

By Cocoa Beach Surf Fishing Charters

Cocoa Beach to Vero Beach Surf Fishing set ablaze over the past week. Pompano showed a stronger presence with anglers catching them consistently fishing from Cocoa Beach south to Vero Beach. That wasn’t the only highlight happening though, with catches of permit, snook, tarpon and sharks possibly stealing the show. Not to be forgotten was the increased activity in keeper-sized whiting, bluefish, mackerel and ladyfish that kept the mix busy.

The combination of clean water, calm seas and the fall mullet run established a lively scene on beaches stretching the entirety of Brevard County. This in turn led to an increased catch rate of the target species listed above. Flurries of bait fish swarming down the coast lit up southern beaches with aerialist predatory species launching from below. Frenzies of bluefish and mackerel infiltrated central area beaches while the larger concentrations of snook and tarpon ran supreme in southern beaches. No matter what species you had on the line, the sharks being so prevalent, many rigs were sharked off or discounted on the way to shore by the taxman.

Shark fishing trips near Cocoa Beach south to Sebastian Inlet had families reeling in multiple sharks a day. Tread lightly this time of year as the waters are literally teeming with life and the sharks especially are taking full advantage. Even when running live bait rigs for snook, tarpon, mackerel or blues, it’s been common to hook up with large blacktips and lemon sharks. Understanding the current conditions leaves surf fishing anglers no choice but to concede the prize and deal with the relentless circumstances of the shark-rich waters.

Table fare fish hit the upswing in multiples in the prior week with outstanding catches on double digit whiting, large pompano and mackerel abound. Always reliable and delicious to be in a good whiting bite as these crustacean eaters wet any veteran surf anglers palate. Then the surf rod does the triple bounce and bends with such might that only the prized pompano accentuates. Blanched or live sand fleas combined with a chartreuse crab or electric chicken Fishbites pulled in the majority of the keeper pompano. Plenty of small pompano are in the surf as well, but the larger fish over 14-15” are being seen with consistency from Cocoa Beach to Vero Beach. Don’t be surprised if you hook into a trophy permit with the rig mentioned above. Surf fishing guide Eric landed this beautiful permit with clients who booked a guided beach fishing excursion this past week.

Looking forward, I’m excited to continue the transition from summer to fall and watch the migratory species really take hold when the temperatures begin to drop. Until then our surf fishing charters will take full advantage of the species on tap and adjust accordingly as the conditions shift. The last few days brought wind and dirtier waters on the northern beaches of Brevard, but this hasn’t halted the catches coming onto the beach. No matter where your location is along our Space Coast I would strongly encourage getting out there and hitting the surf fishing. It’s not every day you can catch everything from a permit to pompano or snook, tarpon or shark on the very same rig… let that one soak in!


Pre-Fall Space Coast Surf Fishing Report & Forecast

By Cocoa Beach Surf Fishing Charters

Pre-Fall Space Coast Surf Fishing Report & Forecast! Fall is upon us and what an exciting time it is for surf fishing anglers on the Space Coast. The annual fall mullet run will be ignited into another dimension with the baitfish pouring down our coastline. Mix this annual occurrence with a change in the weather and water temps and look for a dynamic fishery over this fall period. Snook, tarpon, flounder, jack crevalle, bluefish, sharks and much more competitive for the available resources. Many days can turn into an all out feeding frenzy with shark and fish species hurling through the air leaving the water’s surface boiling with action.

Look for snook fishing to reign supreme as the top topic of discussion during the mullet run.  This time of year has always been a favorite for most as the ease of access and productive opportunities go hand in hand. Simply grab a spinning rod rigged with 20-40lb braided line accompanied by a swim bait, diving plug, or top water action and walk the shores casting and retrieving in the various pockets of concentrated baitfish. This opportunistic approach results in the full gamut of species to ensure no stone goes unturned. Matching the hatch of the size of baitfish also brings another level of success so always be keen to adjust lure size for those reasons.

Space Coast Snook Season

Snook fishing won’t be the only fishery firing off with the change in the weather. Tarpon and sharks will be hammering the migrating baitfish pods and the multiple fish species that coincide with this natural event. With the bluefish and Jack crevalle becoming so concentrated on these bait pods, the shark and tarpon lie beneath pouncing the entirety of the water column to capitalize. Generally, the larger of the tarpon and sharks will be just outside the surf casters range but this mullet run phenomenon provide just the opportunity one needs to bring them into the first and second trough making these species accessible for live bait casters or artificial lures.

Shark Fishing Charters | Cocoa Beach to Sebastian Inlet

Not to be outdone by the headliner species of snook, tarpon and sharks, but the whiting,  pompano, Jack crevalle and bluefish make for a perfect family fun fishing trip. Highly active and engaging for all ages this time of year makes a rod bending seem like a breeze. Fish species ranging in all sizes will be abound with this flood of food charging down the waters edge. Look for sand fleas, fresh shrimp and clams rigged on a pompano rig tipped with Fishbites to keep the volume coming. This time of year the first large schools of pompano began to show from the north escaping the cooling waters and wintering to the south. All in all for surf fishing anglers this seasonal event feels like Christmas comes early, so get out and take advantage of this transitional and rich fishery over the course of the period.

Family Fun Fishing Charters in Cocoa Beach