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May 2020

Florida Pompano

Florida Central East Coast Surf Fishing Report May 2020

By Cocoa Beach Surf Fishing Charters

May 2020 Florida Surf Fishing Report Central East Coast 

Surf fishing Florida during the month of May has offered family fun fishing experiences due to the opening of beach accesses across Florida. Getting to the beach has been one of the top things to do outside on the Space Coast. Incredible weather and social distancing measures are a few factors that make beach fishing Central East Coast of Florida a top choice. Use the opportunity to get surf fishing equipment down to the waters edge to provide a fun-filled fay for all members of the family.

Florida Surf Fishing Pompano

Florida surf fishing pompano

Surf Fishing Treasures

Surf Fishing Treasures

The cooler weather patterns that graced us during early May made mornings crisp and clear. Look for that to become a thing of the past as we steadily creep towards the dog days of summer, accompanied by high temps and humidity. Surf fishing conditions from Cocoa Beach to Sebastian Inlet for the first weeks of May were challenging due to the wind, waves and onslaught of seaweed that blitzed our coastline. Water clarity was one of the few positives that kept things interesting amongst the negatively contributing factors.

Pompano fishing the surf in Brevard County continued to remain consistent. Moreover, fish that have stuck around are providing beach fishing anglers with the perfect chance at catching, cleaning, and cooking this Florida delicacy. Catching your limit of six fish has proved more difficult compared to months prior when the water temperatures were more conducive. With the surf fishing water temps currently holding in the 75-76 degree range, anglers have been reporting fewer fish. How to catch Florida pompano: Cast pompano rigs with a variety of colored floats and no floats, baited with Fishbites (sandflea, crab, clam) and a live or frozen sand flea. Cast surf fishing equipment various distances from shore to ensure you’re targeting areas of concentration. 

Snook fishing the surf has steadily increased as the water temperatures continue to climb. Focus your efforts on area beaches around Sebastian Inlet and Melbourne Beach. Beach fishing for snook around a high tide with live mullet or croakers have received the best results. Catching snook in the Florida surf requires slightly different equipment than traditional surf fishing. Make sure to beef up your tackle with braided line, 30-50lb fluorocarbon leaders and hook sizes that match the bait size accordingly. Snook fishing Florida beaches will continue to heat up, so get out there and dialed in for the rest of the season. 

Surf fishing equipment

Surf fishing equipment

Pompano and Whiting

May Cocoa Beach, Melbourne Beach and Sebastian Inlet

By Cocoa Beach Surf Fishing Charters

Florida Surf Fishing Report, Central East Coast, May 2020

Florida surf fishing along the central east coast has provided plentiful opportunities for the beach fishing anglers prepared for multiple scenarios. The weather patterns have provided an abundance of calm days and clean water. These ideal conditions make it suitable for individuals and families to do things outside on the Florida beaches. This time of year truly has an amazing assortment of catch options beach fishing in central Florida. Targeting the Atlantic Ocean waters from Cocoa Beach to Sebastian Inlet gives fisherman the chance to land a 200 pound tarpon, snook, sharks, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, pompano, or whiting.

Shore fishing the beaches from Melbourne Beach to Sebastian Inlet has provided a red hot bite for Spanish Mackerel and bluefish. How to catch Spanish Mackerel and bluefish effectively in the Florida surf requires fishing with smaller spinning rods 7-8 feet in length and reels in the 2000 to 4000 series range. Rig light tackle fishing set-ups with 10-20 braided line attached to a two-foot piece of 20-40lb fluorocarbon leader. The lighter the leader generally leads to more strikes, but at the expense of lost tackle due to the toothy predatory fish at hand. Using Gotcha lures and silver spoons retrieved rapidly have provided the best results for beach fishing near Sebastian Inlet.

Surf fishing charters in Brevard County utilizing live baits have resulted in great catches of snook, tarpon, and flounder. The annual bait migration of pogies and thread fin herring is underway. In other words, large predatory fish will be taking advantage of the all-you-can-eat buffet line. Beach fishing Snook and Flounder in Cocoa Beach, Fl south to Sebastian Inlet is best utilized with a live mullet, pogie, or thread fin. Rigged on a fish finder rig cast in the nearest deepwater trough closest to the shore. Learn how-to catch a tarpon in Florida by exercising the benefits of a free-lined mullet allowing the bait to swim weightless into the outer surf zone where the tarpon can be seen crashing schools of baitfish. Use large capacity reels ranging from 6000-9000 series with heavy braided line and a 60-80 fluorocarbon leader. Our surf fishing trips in central Florida provide ample gear to stand any chance against these leaping and charging acrobats.

While the widely recognized snook and tarpon are beginning to make appearances regularly in the Florida surf, the recent cool weather has dropped ocean temperatures to keep the pompano around a bit longer. However, best bites have been at dusk and dawn on the first few hours of a falling tide. Fishbites (sandflea flavor), clams, shrimp, and live sand fleas have been producing consistent results of Florida pompano and whiting.

Surf fishing can be a fantastic opportunity to get out and make memories especially during these social distancing times. Make sure to give us a call or book online to learn to surf  fish Florida like a pro or take a family fun fishing excursion charter on our local beaches.

Pompano and Whiting

Catch, Clean, and Cook


Florida Surf Fishing Setting

Florida Whiting

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