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1-15 Minutes: Expert Overview

Walks one through what to look for when setting up for a day of surf fishing along the Florida beaches from cocoa beach to Sebastian Inlet. Including how to strategize for current conditions with the waves, wind, tides, current and water clarity. This overview informs you on the factors that contribute from the start, to a successful day or day filled with frustration. Now that we’ve learned why we are fishing a particular area we now go over the how to section of the surf fishing set-up. This time is spent going over all the equipment including rods, reels, rigs, baits, pole spikes, and tools needed for a productive day of surf fishing from the shoreline of the beaches.

15-30 Minutes: Fish & Learn

This time is focused on the how-to portion to get you casting like a seasoned surf fishing veteran. We take a hands on approach in teaching you the art of surf casting. No time to be intimidated with experts at your side. Our goal for this time period is to have each client reach a high degree of understanding in a short amount of time while gaining the confidence to perform surf casting on their own.

30 Mins – 3 Hours: Fish, Fun, Experience

Go into detailed depth about how all the variables play a role in your surf fishing experience. We start to tie all the factors together while we actively surf fish. What species were targeting and why, as it relates to water temperature, clarity, tides, currents, baits, casting zones, rigs and overall comprehensive game-plan that would be most effective for the variables being considered.

It’s a lot to comprehend but with this hands on approach and an expert guide walking you through each process you’ll feel like an expert with all the knowledge you’re able to grasp with our highly skilled ocean fishing ambassadors at your side. These instructional how to surf fishing lessons are intricately intertwined in your surf fishing experience. Highlighting the information as applicable in the actual setting while you’re reeling in trophy catches and casting on your own. Including how to properly land saltwater fish in the surf and safe release practice. Along with these we go over the actual bag limits per species, size limits, and seasonal openings. You can keep your catch and learn how to clean and filet your catch or have us clean it if you get squeamish handling fish. Then take your catch home or to one of our highly recommended local seafood restaurant that’s can perform a cook your catch option for you and others that care to join. Whats better than that!!? This experience will have you walking away fully empowered to conquer surf fishing on your own with the knowledge and expertise to match. The confidence to go out in the Florida surf on any given day and catch your own meals with ease and consistency.

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