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1-15 Minutes: Introduction to Surf Fishing

Look for the chairs , rods and beach cart set-up, at the provided location. Getting comfortable putting any drinks in the cooler on ice, applying sunscreen, getting situated with equipment. Safety briefing on what activities will be taking place, going over the environment and current conditions of the ocean that day and how we will put a strategy together in order to catch the most fish and include individual goals and expectations for the day.

15-30 minutes: Learn & Fish

Teaching casting individually to those that are interested and if not we bait and cast them and you stay busy reeling in the fish , take however much initiative and action as you desire, allowing each individual to choose a hands on or hand-off approach to each step during their surf fishing experience, the choice is yours.

30 Mins – 3 Hours: Family Fun Fishing Experience

At the thirty minute mark we look to have all participants comfortable handling the gear, we bait them up while you’re casting out and reeling them in, most participants take pride in manning their own surf rod waiting for it to slingshot down with the action of a fish biting. This is the time for wagers on who’s going to catch the biggest fish and all the fun activities around a Florida family fishing trip. Highlighting the information as applicable in the actual setting while you’re reeling in trophy catches and casting on your own. A unique beach fishing immersion experience with your toes in the sand absorbing the fun in the sun. Finish the day in style by having your guide clean your fresh catch to enjoy at home or one of our local seafood restaurants. Join a generational Florida family tradition reflecting on an amazing day over an ice cold beverage and fresh seafood. It’s an authentic way to top off the day in exquisite fashion.

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