Surf fishing Florida’s Central East Coast produced similar catches to last week in terms of species and consistency. Black drum catches provided thrills for those who could fish through the tougher conditions that were posed towards the end of the week and into the weekend. Higher surf conditions and northerly flowing current made it challenging to keep lead sinkers and pompano rigs held to the bottom. With that being said, those with proper surf fishing equipment were able to maintain bait presentation and find success in local waters.

surf fishing for black drum

Surf Fishing for Black Drum

Pompano Fishing

Pompano fishing didn’t produce near the numbers or regularity that’s traditional for this time of year. Southerly winds combined with westerly winds during the week made finding the best water quality a challenge. In combination with the winds that muddied area waters, certain tides were contributing to the clarity with local sand nourishment projects underway. The most optimal conditions for pompano fishing during the week came with the last of the incoming tide and the beginning of outgoing before the dredged sand had an opportunity to push back out into the surf zone. Surf fishing anglers who persisted through these tidal conditions found single digit pompano numbers with the week lacking a significant bite and few limits were found.

Pompano Surf Fishing

Pompano Surf Fishing

Surf Fishing Charters

Surf fishing near Melbourne Beach proved especially fruitful for guided beach fishing trips over the weekend. As the winds eased from the north and clocked easterly Saturday afternoon, it created an opportunity for the steady current to ease. This change in the wind allowed surf fishing anglers to have a go despite the high surf conditions. Surf casting leads as heavy as 5 and 6 ounces proved key to reach outer sandbar ranges with long casts over 100 yards. Pompano roaming this outer bar were eager to inhale a live sand flea rigged on a pompano rig tipped with white clam flavored Fish Bites. Brighter colored floats made live bait presentations irresistible for these visual sight feeders. Surf fishing guide Eric with Cocoa Beach Surf Fishing Charters capitalized with his clients bringing in a gratifying haul of pompano, black drum, and whiting. Perfect way to end the day with these surf fishing rewards heading to the grill!

Surf Fishing Cocoa Beach and Melbourne Beach

Surf Fishing Cocoa Beach and Melbourne Beach

Surf Fishing Equipment Recommendations

While some anglers couldn’t reach the distances to withstand the conditions presented during the week, I want to reiterate the importance of having the proper surf fishing equipment. Surf fishing rods ranging from 11-13 ft. with medium/heavy to heavy action are a must for these kinds of days. Without the stiff backbone and longer rods, surf casting heavier leads just aren’t as efficient as needed for higher surf days. If one lacks this equipment, they’re simply making efforts while decreasing their probability for success. Monofilament line ranging from 12-15 lbs. spooled on 6000-8000 series reels give you optimal performance for surf fishing rigs. Braided line doesn’t stretch like monofilament and will therefore be jerky with the pulsing ocean tugging your pompano rig down the beach and towards shore with each unsettling wave. There’s a few tips and pointers of how to stay in the game with challenging surf fishing conditions. If you have any questions on what kind of surf fishing gear I recommend, then please comment below or call or text my business phone directly. Good luck and tight lines!

surf fishing tips

Surf Fishing Tips

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