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Fishing Report for Cocoa Beach

Surf Fishing Report for Cocoa Beach

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Surf Fishing Report for Cocoa Beach

The fishing report for Cocoa Beach to Sebastian Inlet has taken a turn for the worse. Contradictory to the conditions that were celebrated through the first half of July, conditions have diminished dramatically due to compounding factors of wind, water clarity and seaweed. The seaweed issue makes it nearly impossible to get fish on the line efficiently. Surf fishing with wind, waves and other obstacles can be overcome with various rigging and persistence. Bottom line, the seaweed makes it difficult to keep a line wet, but not impossible.

Pompano fishing has fallen way off due to the conditions mentioned above. On a positive note, we are still catching them sporadically on a daily basis while running beach fishing charters. The welcoming sight of a symbolic pompano strike excites all parties, including beachwalkers! Lots of undersized pompano continue to be caught. Oversize keeper pompano will be mixed in the same areas, just keep fishing through the shorts.

Fishing Report for Cocoa Beach

Surf Fishing for Pompano

Surf Fishing with Live Bait

Live sand fleas continue to be accessible on the entire Brevard County shorelines. Take your sand flea rake on a falling tide for best results. Look for the V-shaped ripples in the wash zone to depict a group. Approach cautiously, as they are sensitive to pressure. Dig into the sand on the oceanside end of the school and let the retreating waves wash them into your rake. Catching live bait increases your catch tremendously. Combine live sand fleas with Fishbites in the shrimp and crab flavor for best results.

Tips on Surf Fishing for Snook

Snook fishing has fallen off as well only because of the mats of seaweed and dirty water in the trough. Once again, they’re there but be prepared for unruly conditions dragging in mats of weeds on every cast. If you have the time and the patience, don’t be discouraged, but understand that’s what it’s going to take during these times. Deploy a live croaker where the edges of the beach fall off. Walk with your bait and the current direction to increase time of effective presentation. Dead sticking in the rod holders will diminish the bottom time on baits with the debris collecting more rapidly. Lures will be difficult to retrieve in the trough as well, recommend live bait tactics.

Tropical storms and hurricanes will dictate surf fishing conditions over the coming months. Take every opportunity to get out there regardless. When the conditions are prime, make sure to go earlier, often and fish longer. Inevitably, this time of year will consist of extended periods of sustained wind and waves. So make a plan to keep a pulse on the conditions for favorable opportunities. Snook, pompano, whiting and croaker will continue to be caught inconsistently until the water clarity and seaweed retreat. Look for a window of light winds and calm currents to settle the ocean and give us something better to work with. Challenging times, but so worth the thrill of the prize!

Check back every week for the latest surf fishing report for Cocoa Beach!

East Coast Surf Fishing Report

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Florida Central East Coast Surf Fishing Report

Central East Coast surf fishing continues to thrill during the last few weeks with no end in sight! The entire Florida Central East Coast region has had reason to celebrate. The current conditions have held the opportunity for any number of species to grab a bait. Properly displayed baits have continued to be irresistible. Pompano fishing remains consistent from southern Cocoa Beach, Indiatlantic, and Melbourne Beach. Snook, sheepshead, whiting, and croakers are also frequent visitors to our beach fishing charters this week. With that being said, the end of this last week’s deteriorating water clarity conditions caused the catfish catches to increase. Areas were still holding fish, but the effort it took to shake through the catfish was only for a dedicated few. Tide changes and cleaner water are the key to success under the circumstances.

Surf Fishing for Sheepshead

Pompano fishing will always ebb and flow with the water clarity being a main ingredient to this fishery. Pompano feed with their sight due to their huge eyeballs, which gives them a distinct advantage in hunting out food. When the southerly winds blow hard enough over a sustained period of time, this increases the likelihood for dirty water. Combine this with any kind of swell and the ocean water can seem less attractive than the day or weeks before.

Family Fun Surf Fishing

Helpful Surf Fishing Tips

Pay close attention to color shades when observing the surf. Greens and blues for water color creates higher probability of success. Brown water equals catfish mania. In conjunction, I always recommend a network to obtain information. Call Black Dog Bait and Tackle for a recent report for the southern end of the county or Man OverBoard Bait and Tackle for the central county report. Shut Up and Fish can provide detailed surf fishing information for the Cocoa Beach area. Also recommended is to use the surf cams to get a real-time perspective of current conditions. Do your homework before loading your surf fishing equipment for success.

Surf Fishing for Snook

Surf fishing can be super rewarding under the challenges of dirty water, but it takes persistence for it to pay. Don’t hesitate to make a hard charge at it. Yes, some days you’re going to catch a lot of catfish. Each of our beach fishing charters near Cocoa Beach south to Sebastian produced nice big pompanos along with sheepshead, whiting, and snook. So don’t be discouraged when the ratio is not proportional. Lying in the midst of the catfish are the delicacies you desire! Fish on!

Cocoa Beach Surf Fishing Report

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The latest Cocoa Beach surf fishing report.

Snook fishing Florida has gone wild these last couple of weeks! The Central East Coast of Florida has been having epic conditions for hooking a snook in the surf. Snook catches from Cocoa Beach to Sebastian Inlet are red hot. Tactics for surf fishing rigs, including pompano rigs combined with Fish Bites and sand fleas, accounting for an incredible amount of trophy snook. Your chance of hooking a pompano or snook and other species, by using diversified bait setups, should remain successful through the next few weeks until the large bait fish runs start to infiltrate Florida beaches.

Surf Fishing for Snook

Targeting Snook While Surf Fishing

Traditionally, targeting snook in the surf requires live bait or artificial lures. With that being said,these line-siders haven’t shied away from the classic dropper loop rig with pompano floats and sand fleas. Analyzing the stereotypical surf fishing equipment to adjust for the opportunity at hand. Store bought surf fishing rigs lack the increased terminal tackle required. Inherently leading to many failed attempts at landing a big snook. Surf fishing equipment consisting of anything less than 30lb fluorocarbon leader will increase the probability of a missed opportunity.Make sure to confirm the terminal tackle of store-bought rigs or simply tie your own. YouTube has many great videos teaching a universal surf fishing setup. Customizing hook size and leader distance allows the individual angler to dial in the tackle.


Snook fishing Florida from the surf can be accomplished in various forms. As discussed in prior reports, live bait, artificial lures or dead chunk bait. With so many fish around at the moment, it’s more important now just to get out there and get bait in the water. Live croakers and mullet hooked in the back with a split shot or free lined have accounted for the majority of snook catches. Artificial swim baits and diving plugs allow the angler to cover more area and have also resulted in a hefty percentage of fish.

Family fun surf fishing excursions!

In regards to the first two traditional methods comes the standard pompano rig:

The dropper loop surf rig tipped with Fish Bites and sand flea has been knocking them down the last two weeks. As mentioned in the introduction, this pattern doesn’t seem to be slowing down until the bait runs begin. Until they start keying in on different food sources, this pattern will continue. Making this an incredible time for the surf fishing angler. Deploy any or all the methods listed above to make a memorable catch from the surf. There’s nothing fancy to consider, just take the initiative to get out there and get fishing! You may be surprised by what you bring in!

Surf fishing from Cocoa Beach to Sebastian Inlet!